Compare Pricing Plans

Number of companies
Upto 25
Upto 50
Average Deal Size
Upto $500K
Invest Record investments in equity, debt, convertible note, SAFE, warrant etc
Value Value by share price. Based on last investment, last round or a custom method
Sell Choose to record cost of sales using weighted average, FIFO or LIFO
Convert Convert your notes, exercise your warrants and more
Across funds Post transactions across multiple funds in one go. Requires subscription for 2 or more funds
Record by tax lots Choose which tax lots to sell
Underlying companies For fund of funds who track underlying portfolio
SAFEs / Convertible Notes Model your notes and SAFEs based on pre-money or post-money caps and discount rates
Venture debt amortization schedules Create amortization schedules based on Equal installments, fixed payments or upload your own schedule
Forecast upcoming round Forecast fully diluted stake in an upcoming round
Exit Waterfall Calculate exit proceeds based on share class seniority, liquidation preferences, participation caps and more
Carry projection Forecast carry based on actual and forecasted investment cashflows.
Jcurve cashflow projection Forecast a series of rounds, follow-ons to create Jcurve projections for a company or your fund.
Custom KPIs Create your own KPIs like MRR, # of employees
Upto 5
Qualitative Updates Ask for qualitative updates, such as COVID19 impact
Files Ask for signed documents to support the submitted numbers
Company logins Complimentary logins for your companies to submit KPIs, updates and files
Automatic Submission schedules Create a pre-defined schedule to collect KPIs
Monthly & up
Monthly & up
Weekly & up
Weekly & up
KPI Forecasts Forecasted KPIs and custom scenarios
KPI templates Manage KPIs across many companies in one go
Granular KPIs Collect KPIs by region, by product or similar
Record Co-Investors Record coinvestors for each round
Import Captables Import captables through Excel, or commonly used formats including Carta, EqVista etc
Co-Investor analytics across investments Identify your top co-investors for a sector, round, region or on an overall basis
Reporting Dashboard Interactive dashboards with custom columns, one-click export to excel
Fundwave Functions for Excel Create live reports with your Fundwave data. e.g. =FW.IRR()
DIY Custom Reporting Custom reporting without the need to learn SQL
Quickbooks Companies can pull their accounting data through Quickbooks
Xero Companies can pull their accounting data through Xero
Excel Companies can submit metrics through our Excel Addin
SSO Sign in with Active Directory or LDAP
Single Tenant Single tenant database, with hosting and backups in a location of your choice
Premier Support Faster response times, senior support team, phone support and more
7-day trial
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  • Record Expenses
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